Gergely Forgács

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Techno-economic study of NMMO pretreatment and biogas production from forest residues

Anna Teghammar, Gergely Forgács, I. S. Horvath et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 116, p. 125-133
Journal article

Methane Production from Feather Waste Pretreated with Ca(OH)(2): Process Development and Economical Analysis

Gergely Forgács, Claes Niklasson, Ilona Sárvári Horváth et al
Waste and Biomass Valorization. Vol. 5 (1), p. 65-73
Journal article

Pretreatment of Chicken Feather Waste for Improved Biogas Production

Gergely Forgács, M. Lundin, Mohammad Taherzadeh Esfahani et al
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Vol. 169 (7), p. 2016-2028
Journal article

Enhanced methane production from wool textile residues by thermal and enzymatic pretreatment

M. M. Kabir, Gergely Forgács, I. S. Horvath
Process Biochemistry. Vol. 48 (4), p. 575-580
Journal article

Metahne Production from citrus waste: Process development and cost estimation

Gergely Forgács, Mohammad Pour Bafrani, Claes Niklasson et al
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. Vol. 87 (2), p. 250-255
Journal article

Biological treatment of chicken feather waste for improved biogas production

Gergely Forgács, S. Alinezhad, A. Mirabdollah et al
Journal of Environmental Sciences. Vol. 23 (10), p. 1747-1753
Journal article

Production of biofuels, limonene and pectin from citrus wastes

Mohammad Pour Bafrani, Gergely Forgács, Ilona Sárvári Horváth et al
Bioresource Technology. Vol. 101 (11), p. 4246-4250
Journal article

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