Frans Magnusson

Frans Magnusson is an architect and doctoral student connected to Chalmers and the strong research environment Architecture in the Making. The intention of Frans research is to augment the early stages of the architectural design process with computational design knowledge, aiming to bring clients and users into a close relation with form generation and evaluation. This introduces efficiency as a tangible concept during the formation of a building as opposed to after-the-fact optimizations. Frans is a frequent lecturer and tutor in computational design and digital fabrication.




Morphology & Development - knowledge management in architectural design computation practice

Frans Magnusson, Jonas Runberger, Malgorzata Zboinska et al
Proceedings of the 35th eCAADe Conference. Vol. 2, p. 683-690
Paper in proceedings

Design System Assemblages - the continuous curation of Design Computation Processes in Architectural Practice

Frans Magnusson, Jonas Runberger
Professional Practices in the Built Environment, p. 193-204
Paper in proceedings

Harnessing the Informal Processes around the Computational Design Model

Jonas Runberger, Frans Magnusson
Modelling Behaviour: Design Modelling Symposium 2015, p. 329-339
Paper in proceedings

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Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice

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Frans Magnusson Architectural theory and methods

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