Frans Magnusson

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Morphology & Development - knowledge management in architectural design computation practice

Frans Magnusson, Jonas Runberger, Malgorzata Zboinska et al
Proceedings of the 35th eCAADe Conference. Vol. 2, p. 683-690
Paper in proceeding

Design System Assemblages - the continuous curation of Design Computation Processes in Architectural Practice

Frans Magnusson, Jonas Runberger
Professional Practices in the Built Environment, p. 193-204
Paper in proceeding

Harnessing the Informal Processes around the Computational Design Model

Jonas Runberger, Frans Magnusson
Modelling Behaviour: Design Modelling Symposium 2015, p. 329-339
Paper in proceeding

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Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice

Fredrik Nilsson Architecture
Frans Magnusson Architectural theory and methods
Malgorzata Zboinska Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Stig Anton Nielsen Architectural theory and methods
Atli Magnus Seelow Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Andrej Slavik Architectural theory and methods
Catharina Dyrssen Urban Design and Planning
Claes Caldenby Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Julia Fredriksson Urban Design and Planning
Lars Marcus Urban Design and Planning
Daniel Norell Education - Architectural Theory and Method
Johan Linton Education - Architectural Theory and Method
Liane Thuvander Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Paula Femenias Building Design
Beata Stahre Wästberg Interaction design
Michael Asgaard Andersen Architectural theory and methods
Monica Billger Architectural theory and methods
Michael U. Hensel Unknown organization
Nel Janssens Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Halina Dunin-Woyseth von Turow Architectural theory and methods
Karel Deckers Unknown organization
Johan Liekens Unknown organization
Anna Maria Orrù Urban Design and Planning
Karl-Gunnar Olsson Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Daniel Koch Building Design

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