Ragnar Freij

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Resource Allocation and Interference Management for Opportunistic Relaying in Integrated mmWave/sub-6 GHz 5G Networks

Junquan Deng, Olav Tirkkonen, Ragnar Freij et al
IEEE Communications Magazine. Vol. 55 (6), p. 94-101
Journal article

Packing a binary pattern in compositions

Ragnar Freij, Toufik Mansour
Journal of Combinatorics. Vol. 2 (1), p. 111-138
Journal article

Enumeration on words, complexes and polytopes

Ragnar Freij
Licentiate thesis

Partially ordered secretaries

Ragnar Freij, Johan Wästlund
Electronic Communications in Probability. Vol. 15, p. 504-507
Journal article

Equivariant Discrete Morse Theory

Ragnar Freij
Discrete Mathematics. Vol. 309 (12), p. 3821-3829
Journal article

Enumeration of derangements with descents in prescribed positions

Niklas Eriksen, Ragnar Freij, Johan Wästlund
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Vol. 16 (1), p. R32-
Journal article

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