Geir Bogfjellmo

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A Numerical Algorithm for C-2-Splines on Symmetric Spaces

Geir Bogfjellmo, Klas Modin, Olivier Verdier
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis. Vol. 56 (4), p. 2623-2647
Journal article

Overview of (pro-)Lie group structures on hopf algebra character groups

Geir Bogfjellmo, Rafael Dahmen, Alexander Schmeding
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics. Vol. 267, p. 287-314
Paper in proceeding

The geometry of characters of hopf algebras

Geir Bogfjellmo, Alexander Schmeding
Abel Symposia. Vol. 13, p. 159-185
Paper in proceeding

Character groups of hopf algebras as infinite-dimensional lie groups

Geir Bogfjellmo, Rafael Dahmen, Alexander Schmeding
Annales de lInstitut Fourier. Vol. 66 (5), p. 2101-2155
Journal article

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