Glenn Persson

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Trends of ozone total columns and vertical distribution from FTIR observations at eight NDACC stations around the globe

C. Vigouroux, T. Blumenstock, M. Coffey et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 15 (6), p. 2915-2933
Journal article

Molecular oxygen in the p Ophiuchi cloud

B. Larsson, René Liseau, L. Pagani et al
Astronomy & Astrophysics. Vol. 466, p. 999-1003
Journal article

On the progress in OdinĀ“s hunt for molecules

Åke Hjalmarson, Michael Olberg, H.-G. Florén et al
Advances in Space Research. Vol. 40, p. 630-638
Journal article

Recent astroomy highlights from the Odin satellite

Åke Hjalmarson, Per Bergman, N. Biver et al
Advances in Space Research (a COSPAR publication). Vol. 36, p. 1031-1047
Journal article

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