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Gustavo Perrusquía works with Chalmers international agreements for student exchange outside the EU on behalf of the Vice President for Undergraduate and Master’s education. Students who have finished their Bachelor's degree can apply for exchange studies in 30 universities around the world. Gustavo has worked with internationalization for 20+ years.Gustavo holds a PhD in Hydraulics and was researcher at the School of Civil Engineering before joining Chalmers Operations Support. His latest article "Particle velocity and sediment transport at the limit of deposition in sewers" was published in Water Science and Technology (2013). He is peer-reviewer for the Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics (2017).


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Particle velocity and sediment transport at the limit of deposition in sewers

J. J. Ota, Gustavo Perrusquía
Water Science and Technology. Vol. 67 (5), p. 959-967
Journal article

Characteristics of arsenic adsorption to sorghum biomass

Nazmul Haque, Greg Morrison, Gustavo Perrusquía et al
Journal of Hazardous Materials. Vol. 145 (1-2), p. 30-35
Journal article

Pathways to our common future

Sebastien Rauch, Greg Morrison, Gustavo Perrusquía

Sediment in Sewers - Research Leaves in England

Gustavo Perrusquía

Flow Capacity of Sewers with a Sediment Bed

Gustavo Perrusquía, Sven Lyngfelt, Anders Sjöberg
Proc. 4th International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 1987
Paper in proceedings

Flödeskapacitet hos avloppsledningar delvis fyllda med sediment

Gustavo Perrusquía, Sven Lyngfelt, Anders Sjöberg

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