Haiping Lai

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On oxide formation on a single crystalline Ni-based superalloy at 900 °C in SO2 containing atmosphere: The effect of surface treatment

Katrin Jahns, Haiping Lai, Ulrich Krupp et al
Corrosion Science. Vol. 180
Journal article

Corrosion of pre-oxidized nickel alloy X-750 in simulated BWR environment

Silvia Tuzi, Haiping Lai, Kenneth Göransson et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 486 (1 April), p. 350-360
Journal article

Microstructural examination of shear localisation during high-strain-rate deformation of Alloy 718

Joakim Johansson, Christer Persson, Haiping Lai et al
Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing. Vol. 662, p. 363-372
Journal article

Dynamic strain aging in Haynes 282 superalloy

Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander, Ceena Joseph, Christer Persson et al
Proceedings of the 2nd EuroSuperalloys Conference. Vol. 14, p. Art. no. 16002-
Paper in proceeding

High Temperature Corrosion of Ni-Based Alloys SCA425+and IN792

Haiping Lai, Yu Cao, P. Viklund et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 80 (5-6), p. 505-516
Journal article

A method for investigation of hot corrosion by gaseous Na2SO4

Pavleta Knutsson, Haiping Lai, Krystyna Marta Stiller
Corrosion Science. Vol. 73, p. 230-236
Journal article

The influence of platinum on the oxidation and sodium sulfate induced hot corrosion of NiAl diffusion coatings

Haiping Lai, Pavleta Knutsson, Krystyna Marta Stiller
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 28 (4), p. 302-308
Journal article

Microstructural Investigation of the Initial Oxidation of the FeCrAlRE Alloy Kanthal AF in Dry and Wet O-2 at 600 and 800 degrees C

Sead Canovic, Josefin Engkvist, Fang Liu et al
Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Vol. 157 (6), p. C223-C230
Journal article

Cyclic oxidation of two FeCrAlRE foils at 1100 oC - The influence of the concentration of minor alloying elements on scale microstructure

Fang Liu, Helena Götlind, Sead Canovic et al
Materials Science Forum. Vol. 595-598, p. 707-716
Paper in proceeding

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