Johannes Roubroeks

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The effect of barley husk arabinoxylan adsorption on the properties of cellulose fibres

Tobias Köhnke, Carla Pujolras, Johannes Roubroeks et al
Cellulose. Vol. 15 (4), p. 537-546
Journal article

Reassembly of xylans as a tool for modification of lignocellulosic fibers from surface to bulk

Tobias Köhnke, Peter Westbye, Åsa Linder et al
Abstracts of Papers, 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, United States, March 26-30, 2006
Other conference contribution

Optimization of the process conditions for the extraction of heteropolysaccharides from birch (Betula pendula)

Peter Westbye, Johannes Roubroeks, Wolfgang Glasser et al
ACS symp SER 921 "Feedstock for the Future", p. 14-
Book chapter

Evidence of the presence of 2-O-b-D-xylopyranosyla-a-L-arabinofuranose side chains in barley husk arabinoxylan

Anders Höije, Corine Sandström, Johannes Roubroeks et al
Carbohydrate Research. Vol. 341, p. 2959-2966
Journal article

Contribution of the molecular architecture of 4-O-methyl glucuronoxylan to its aggregation behaviour in solution

Johannes Roubroeks, B Saake, Wolfgang Glasser et al
Hemicelluloses: Science and Technology, p. 167-184
Book chapter

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