Ronny Hedell

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Surveillance of animal diseases through implementation of a Bayesian spatio-temporal model: A simulation example with neurological syndromes in horses and West Nile Virus

Ronny Hedell, M.G. Andersson, Céline Faverjon et al
Preventive Veterinary Medicine. Vol. 162, p. 95-106
Journal article

Determining the optimal forensic DNA analysis procedure following investigation of sample quality

Ronny Hedell, J. Hedman, Petter Mostad
International Journal of Legal Medicine. Vol. 132 (4), p. 955-966
Journal article

Detection probability models for bacteria, and how to obtain them from heterogeneous spiking data. An application to Bacillus anthracis

Ronny Hedell, O. Stephansson, Petter Mostad et al
International Journal of Food Microbiology. Vol. 241, p. 78-88
Journal article

Accurate Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction Quantification of Challenging Samples Applying Inhibitor-Tolerant DNA Polymerases

M. Sidstedt, E. L. Romsos, Ronny Hedell et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 89 (3), p. 1642-1649
Journal article

Enhanced low-template DNA analysis conditions and investigation of allele dropout patterns

Ronny Hedell, C. Dufva, R. Ansell et al
Forensic Science International: Genetics. Vol. 14, p. 61-75
Journal article

Reference material for comparison of different adhesive tapes for forensic DNA sampling

C. Forsberg, N. Wallmark, Ronny Hedell et al
Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series. Vol. 5, p. E454-E455
Journal article

Purification of crime scene DNA extracts using centrifugal filter devices

L. Norén, Ronny Hedell, R. Ansell et al
Investigative Genetics. Vol. 4 (1), p. artikel nr 8-
Journal article

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