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TEM Investigation of the Microstructure of the Scale Formed on a FeCrAlRE Alloy at 900 A degrees C: The Effect of Y-rich RE Particles

Fang Liu, Helena Götlind, Jan-Erik Svensson et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 74 (1-2), p. 11-32
Journal article

Microstructural Investigation of the Initial Oxidation of the FeCrAlRE Alloy Kanthal AF in Dry and Wet O-2 at 600 and 800 degrees C

Sead Canovic, Josefin Engkvist, Fang Liu et al
Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Vol. 157 (6), p. C223-C230
Journal article

Oxidation of FeCrAl foils at 500-900 degrees C in dry O-2 and O-2 with 40% H2O

Josefin Engkvist, Sead Canovic, Fang Liu et al
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 26 (2), p. 199-210
Journal article

Early stages of the oxidation of a FeCrAlRE alloy (Kanthal AF) at 900 °C: A detailed microstructural investigation

Fang Liu, Helena Götlind, Jan-Erik Svensson et al
Corrosion Science. Vol. 50 (8), p. 2272-2281
Journal article

Cyclic oxidation of two FeCrAlRE foils at 1100 oC - The influence of the concentration of minor alloying elements on scale microstructure

Fang Liu, Helena Götlind, Sead Canovic et al
Materials Science Forum. Vol. 595-598, p. 707-716
Paper in proceeding

The effect of water vapor on the initial stages of oxidation of the FeCrAl alloy Kanthal AF at 900 degrees C

Helena Götlind, Fang Liu, Jan-Erik Svensson et al
Oxidation of Metals, p. 251-266
Journal article

Structural study and proton conductivity in Yb-doped BaZrO3

Istaq Ahmed, Sten Eriksson, Elisabet Ahlberg et al
Solid State Ionics. Vol. 178 ((7-10)), p. 515-520
Journal article

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