Karolina Hoffmann

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The iron transporter ferroportin is regulated by ascorbate

Nathalie Scheers, Karolina Hoffmann, Ann-Sofie Sandberg
FASEB Journal. Vol. 26
Paper in proceeding

Identification of gliadin-binding peptides by phage display

Tingsu Chen, Karolina Hoffmann, Sofia M Östman et al
BMC Biotechnology. Vol. 11
Journal article

In vitro digestive stability of complexes between gliadin and synthetic blocking peptides

Karolina Hoffmann, Nils-Gunnar Carlsson, Marie Alminger et al
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry. Vol. 58 (3), p. 190-197
Journal article

Blocking peptides decrease tissue transglutaminase processing of gliadin in vitro

Karolina Hoffmann, Marie Alminger, Thomas Andlid et al
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Vol. 57 (21), p. 10150-10155
Journal article

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