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High-Temperature Oxidation of FeCr(Ni) Alloys: The Behaviour After Breakaway

Torbjörn Jonsson, H. Larsson, Sofia Karlsson et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 87 (3-4), p. 333-341
Journal article

Oxidation After Breakdown of the Chromium-Rich Scale on Stainless Steels at High Temperature: Internal Oxidation

Torbjörn Jonsson, Sofia Karlsson, Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 85 (5-6), p. 509-536
Journal article

The Effect of H-2 and H2O on the Oxidation of 304L-Stainless Steel at 600 A degrees C: General Behaviour (Part I)

Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar, Torbjörn Jonsson, J. Hall et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 85 (3-4), p. 321-342
Journal article

Oxidation Behavior of HVAF-Sprayed NiCoCrAlY Coating in H-2-H2O Environment

E. Sadeghimeresht, Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar, N. Markocsan et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 86 (3-4), p. 299-314
Journal article

Initial corrosion attack of 304L and T22 in 2 MW biomass gasifier: a microstructural investigation

Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar, Jesper Liske, Lars-Gunnar Johansson et al
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 32 (1-2), p. 197-204
Journal article

Effects of cold working and heat treatment on microstructure and wear behaviour of Cu–Be alloy C17200

A. Khodabakhshi, V. Abouei, Nooshin Mortazavi Seyedeh et al
Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces. Vol. 9 (3), p. 118-127
Journal article

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