Ingvar Albinsson

Universitetslektor at University of Gothenburg, Department of Physics

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Gas explosions and thermal runaways during external heating abuse of commercial lithium-ion graphite-LiCoO2 cells at different levels of ageing

Carl Fredrik Larsson, Simon Bertilsson, Maurizio Furlani et al
Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 373, p. 220-231
Journal article

Characterization of poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) (PVdF-HFP) nanofiber membrane based quasi solid electrolytes and their application in a dye sensitized solar cell

T M W J Bandara, A. M.J.S. Weerasinghe, M. A. K. L. Dissanayake et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 266, p. 276-283
Journal article

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