Imran Hanif

Researcher at Energy and Material

Dr Hanif is working as a Postdoctoral researcher in the High Temperature Corrosion (HTC) Centre in the Division of materials and Energy. His current research activities are focusing to investigate and understand the microstructures of materials and their degradation/corrosion at high-temperatures using the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The understanding of this fundamental phenomenon of high-temperature corrosion may offer a possibility to choose right materials used in the industrial power production sector either by varying the composition or the operating conditions to enhance the lifetime and their performance. The knowledge of such materials and their anticipated behavior under industrial conditions is crucial in the development of more economical, environmentally sustainable processes and systems.
Prior to join the HTC as postdoctoral researcher, Dr Hanif has completed his PhD in Ion Irradiation Modification of Silicon Nanowires in 2017 from the United Kingdom under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Hinks and Prof Stephen Donnelly and have been involved in teaching physics to undergraduate students for almost five years in Pakistan.

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The influence of a KCl-rich environment on the corrosion attack of 304 L: 3D FIB/SEM and TEM investigations

Julien Phother Simon, Imran Hanif, Jesper Liske et al
Corrosion Science. Vol. 183
Journal article

Secondary corrosion protection of FeCr(Al) model alloys at 600 °C – The influence of Cr and Al after breakaway corrosion

Johan Eklund, Amanda Persdotter, Imran Hanif et al
Corrosion Science. Vol. 189
Journal article

Tuning of electrical conduction properties of natural fibers and TiO2 based flexible paper composite sheets by electrodeposition of metallic nanolayers

Sameen Ilyas, Ishrat Sultana, Rabia Nasar et al
Ceramics International. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Degradation of AlSi10Mg powder during laser based powder bed fusion processing

Ahmad Raza, Tobias Fiegl, Imran Hanif et al
Materials and Design. Vol. 198
Journal article

Tri-doped ceria (M0.2Ce0.8O2-δ, M= Sm0.1 Ca0.05 Gd0.05) electrolyte for hydrogen and ethanol-based fuel cells

Muhammad Kaleem Ullah, Rizwan Raza, M. I. Asghar et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Vol. 773, p. 548-554
Journal article

Shape Modification of Germanium Nanowires during Ion Irradiation and Subsequent Solid-Phase Epitaxial Growth

Osmane Camara, Imran Hanif, Matheus A Tunes et al
Advanced Materials Interfaces. Vol. 5 (13)
Journal article

Ion-beam-induced bending of semiconductor nanowires

Imran Hanif, Osmane Camara, Matheus A Tunes et al
Nanotechnology. Vol. 29 (33), p. 335701-
Journal article

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