Irina Zubritskaya

Visiting Researcher at University of Gothenburg, Department of Physics

I do my research in the field of magnetoplasmonics  where we combine magnetic and plasmonic functionalities and attempt to manipulate one by another. A magnetic media were localized plasmon resonances (LPRs) can be excited, is a subject of magnetoplasmonics. Although magneto-optical  (MO) response is an intrinsic property of a material, it can be manipulated by engineering of nanostructures with desired properties. We use hole-mask colloidal lithography (HCL) to design and fabricate active magnetoplasmonic nanostructures and longitudinal magneto-optical Kerr effect (L-MOKE) to characterize MO properties.

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Active magnetoplasmonic ruler (Conference Presentation)

Irina Zubritskaya
Metamaterials X. Vol. 9883 (Article Number: 988310)
Paper in proceeding

Active magnetoplasmonic ruler

Irina Zubritskaya, Kristof Lodewijks, N. Maccaferri et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 15 (5), p. 3204-3211
Journal article

Active magnetoplasmonics for nanoscale distances sensing

Irina Zubritskaya
Licentiate thesis

Magnetoplasmonic Design Rules for Active Magneto-Optics

Kristof Lodewijks, N. Maccaferri, Tavakol Pakizeh et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 14 (12), p. 7207-7214
Journal article

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