Izabela Kurkowska

Project Leader at Building Technology

Izabela is project leader for DREEAM.

Source: chalmers.se
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Humid Wall: Review on Causes and Solutions

Mohamad Kharseh, York Ostermeyer, Claudio Nägeli et al
, p. 675-681
Paper in proceedings

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Demonstration of an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi building scale (DREEAM)

Jacqueline Plette [Forsknings- och samverkansstöd]
Claudio Nägeli Building Technology
Izabela Kurkowska Building Technology
Mohamad Kharseh Building Technology
York Ostermeyer Building Technology
Holger Wallbaum Building Technology
Silvia Caggiati Building Technology
European Commission (EC)

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