Janneke van der Leer

Doctoral Student at Building Design

Janneke will enroll her studies within the recently granted 4-year research project "Socio-technical ecology: Energy systems in urban areas with high sustainability profile". The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Graduate School in Energy Systems. The inter-disciplinary project is a collaboration between Chalmers, Lund University and Linköpings University, and two more doctoral candidates have been recruited in Lund and Linköpings respectively. Paula Femenías is the project leader and main supervisor at Chalmers and will be joined by Kaj Granath as co-supervisor for Janneke. Partner at Lund University is Kerstin Sernhed, the Faculty of Engineering, Division of Efficient Energy Systems, and at Linköping University Wiktoria Glad, the Department of Thematic Studies.
Janneke has a master’s degree in Urbanism from Delft University of Technology from 2016, where she was later employed as researcher and most recently as a guest lecturer. In 2015, Janneke did a master exchange at the Chalmers school of Architecture. The last two years, Janneke has been working as Sustainability and Circularity Consultant at Sweco in the Netherlands.

Source: chalmers.se
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Social-Ecological-Technical systems in urban planning for a circular economy: an opportunity for horizontal integration

Janneke van der Leer, Arjan van Timmeren, Alexander Wandl
Architectural Science Review. Vol. 61 (5), p. 298-304
Journal article

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Socio-technical ecology: Energy systems in urban areas with high sustainability profile

Paula Femenias Building Design
Kaj Granath Building Design
Janneke van der Leer Building Design
Swedish Energy Agency

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