Jan-Erik Otterstedt

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Novel nano-composite particles: titania-coated silica cores

Peter Greenwood, Börje Sten Gevert, Jan-Erik Otterstedt et al
Pigment and Resin Technology. Vol. 39 (3), p. 135-140
Journal article

Some important, fairly new uses of colloidal silica/silica sol

Jan-Erik Otterstedt, Peter H.J. Greenwood
Colloidal Silica: Fundamentals and Applications, p. 737-756
Book chapter

Sol-gel coating of alumina bundle fibres

Anders Törncrona, Jesper Brandt, Lars Löwendahl et al
Journal of the European Ceramic Society. Vol. 17, p. 1459-1465
Journal article

Catalytic purification of car exhausts over cobalt- and copper-based metal oxides promoted with platinum and rhodium

Pei-yan Lin, Magnus Skoglundh, Lars Löwendahl et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 6 (3), p. 237-319
Journal article

Combinations of platinum and palladium on alumina supports as oxidation catalysts

Magnus Skoglundh, Lars Löwendahl, Jan-Erik Otterstedt
Applied Catalysis. Vol. 77 (1), p. 9-20
Journal article

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