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HSP90 inhibition blocks ERBB3 and RET phosphorylation in myxoid/round cell liposarcoma and causes massive cell death in vitro and in vivo

Setareh Safavi, Sofia Järnum, Christoffer Vannas et al
Oncotarget. Vol. 7 (1), p. 433-445
Journal article

Distinct cytoplasmic and nuclear functions of the stress induced protein DDIT3/CHOP/GADD153

Alexandra Jauhiainen, Christer Thomsen, Linda Strömbom et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 7 (4), p. e33208-
Journal article

Transcriptional and metabolic data integration and modeling for identification of active pathways

Alexandra Jauhiainen, Olle Nerman, G. Michailidis et al
Biostatistics. Vol. 13 (4), p. 748-761
Journal article

Global estimation of mRNA stability in yeast

Julia Marín-Navarro, Alexandra Jauhiainen, Joaquín Moreno et al
Methods in Molecular Biology. Vol. 734, p. 3-23
Journal article

mRNA stability changes precede changes in steady-state mRNA amounts during hyperosmotic stress

Claes Molin, Alexandra Jauhiainen, Jonas Warringer et al
RNA. Vol. 15 (4), p. 600-614
Journal article

How well are target proteins for human drugs conserved in species used for ecotoxicity testing?

D. G. Joakim Larsson, Lina-Maria Gunnarsson, E Kristiansson et al
SETAC Europe 18th annual conference, Warsaw, Poland. May 25-29, 2008, p. 27-
Paper in proceedings

Evolutionary conservation of human drug targets in organisms used for environmental risk assessments.

Lina-Maria Gunnarsson, Alexandra Jauhiainen, Erik Kristiansson et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 42 (15), p. 5807-13
Journal article

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