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Arabidopsis COP1 SUPPRESSOR 2 Represses COP1 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Activity through Their Coiled-Coil Domains Association

Dongqing Xu, F. Lin, Jiang Yang et al
PLoS Genetics. Vol. 11 (12), p. artikel nr e1005747-
Journal article

Convergence of Light and ABA signaling on the ABI5 promoter.

Dongqing Xu, Jigang Li, Sreeramaiah N Gangappa et al
PLoS Genetics. Vol. 10 (2), p. artikel nr e1004197-
Journal article

Double-pumped FOPA with 40 dB flat gain over 81 nm bandwidth

José Manuel Chavez Boggio, Carl Peter Lundström, Jiang Yang et al
ECOC 2008, 21-25 September 2008, Brussels, Belgium, p. Tu.3.B.5-
Paper in proceedings

Ultrafast, atto-Joule switch using fiber-optic parametric amplifier operated in saturation

Peter Andrekson, Henrik Sunnerud, Shoichiro Oda et al
Optics Express. Vol. 16 (15), p. 10956-10961
Journal article

Optical add-drop multiplexer based on fiber optic parametric amplification

Henrik Sunnerud, Shoichiro Oda, Jiang Yang et al
Proceedings European Conference on Optical Communication. Vol. 2, p. 229-230
Paper in proceedings

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