Johan Leckner

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Biskit - A software platform for structural bioinformatics

Raik Grünberg, Michael Nilges, Johan Leckner
Bioinformatics. Vol. 23 (6), p. 769-770
Journal article

Complementarity of structure ensembles in protein-protein binding.

Raik Grünberg, Johan Leckner, Michael Nilges
Structure. Vol. 12 (12), p. 2125-36
Journal article

Apo-azurin folds via an intermediate that resembles the molten-globule.

Anders Sandberg, Johan Leckner, B Göran Karlsson
Protein Science. Vol. 13 (10), p. 2628-2638
Journal article

Probing the influence on folding behavior of structurally conserved core residues in P. aeruginosa apo-azurin.

Cecilia Engman, Anders Sandberg, Johan Leckner et al
Protein Science. Vol. 13 (10), p. 2706-2715
Journal article

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