Johan Ahlström

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The role of biomass gasification in the future flexible power system – BECCS or CCU?

Johan Ahlström, Viktor Walter, Lisa Göransson et al
Renewable Energy. Vol. 190, p. 596-605
Journal article

Large-scale introduction of forest-based biorefineries: Actor perspectives and the impacts of a dynamic biomass market

Jonas Zetterholm, Johan Ahlström, Elina Bryngemark
Biomass and Bioenergy. Vol. 142
Journal article

Economic Evaluation of Large-Scale Biorefinery Deployment: A Framework Integrating Dynamic Biomass Market and Techno-Economic Models

Jonas Zetterholm, Elina Bryngemark, Johan Ahlström et al
Sustainability. Vol. 12 (17)
Journal article

Economic potential for substitution of fossil fuels with liquefied biomethane in Swedish iron and steel industry – Synergy and competition with other sectors

Johan Ahlström, Jonas Zetterholm, Karin Pettersson et al
Energy Conversion and Management. Vol. 209
Journal article

Bark as feedstock for dual fluidized bed gasifiers. Operability, efficiency, and economics

Johan Ahlström, Alberto Alamia, Anton Larsson et al
International Journal of Energy Research. Vol. 43 (3), p. 1171-1190
Journal article

Forest residues gasification integrated with electrolysis for production of SNG – modelling and assessment

Johan Ahlström, Simon Harvey, Stavros Papadokonstantakis
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, p. 109-114
Book chapter

Value chains for integrated production of liquefied bio-SNG at sawmill sites – Techno-economic and carbon footprint evaluation

Johan Ahlström, Karin Pettersson, Elisabeth Wetterlund et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 206, p. 1590-1608
Journal article

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