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From organization to actor: the process of achiev-ing usable facilities in the healthcare sector

Josefina Hinnerson, Göran Lindahl, Inga Malmqvist
Proceedings of the International CIB Symposium: Construction in the 21st Century - Local and Global Challenge. Rome, Oct 18–20 2006
Paper in proceeding

Performance in provision of facilities: a study of buildings in the health care sector

Josefina Hinnerson, Göran Lindahl, Jan-Åke Granath
Proceedings of Trondheim International Symposium, Changing User Demands on Buildings - Needs for Lifecycle Planning and Management,Trondheim, 12-14 June 2006
Paper in proceeding

From organization to actor: Clients and users needsof facilities in the health care sector

Josefina Hinnerson, Göran Lindahl, Inga Malmqvist
CIB W065/W055/W086 International Symposium, Construction in the XXI Century: Local and global challenges, 18-20 October 2006, Rome, Italy, p. 146-147
Paper in proceeding

Trust, Participation and Hospital Design Two Approaches One Result.

Göran Lindahl, Josefina Hinnerson, Jan-Åke Granath
Proceedings of the 11th CIB International Symposium, Combining Forces, Advancing Facilities management and Construction through Innovation. Helsinki, 13-16 June, 2005.
Paper in proceeding

Discrepancies Between Clients' Goals and the Outcome of Design Processes in Corporate Real Estate. A project in progress part 2

Josefina Hinnerson, Jan-Åke Granath
IFMA World Workplace Japan 2003
Other conference contribution

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