Jorrit Gosens

Forskare at Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Environmental Systems Analysis

Jorrit Gosens is a post-doctoral researcher at Environmental Systems Analysis. His work is focused on developing econometric models of innovation systems for renewable energy. These models are designed to account for RD&D activity, the formation of markets and manufacturing industries, the policies that support these processes, etc.. Jorrit previously obtained a PhD Environmental Economics and management from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), an institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This thesis dealt with the emergence and global competitiveness of China’s ‘Technological Innovation Systems’ in renewable power sectors.




The limits of academic entrepreneurship: Conflicting expectations about commercialization and innovation in China’s nascent sector for advanced bio-energy technologies

Jorrit Gosens, Hans Hellsmark, Tomas Kåberger et al
Energy Research and Social Science. Vol. 37, p. 1-11
Journal article

Faster market growth of wind and PV in late adopters due to global experience build-up

Jorrit Gosens, Fredrik Hedenus, Björn Sandén
Energy. Vol. 131, p. 267-278
Journal article

Global innovation system life-cycles: country-level entry, innovation and leadership in wind turbine manufacturing

Jorrit Gosens, Björn Sandén, Fredrik Hedenus
The 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference
Conference contribution

Natural resource endowment is not a strong driver of wind or PV development

Jorrit Gosens
Renewable Energy. Vol. 113, p. 1007-1018
Journal article

China's next renewable energy revolution: goals and mechanisms in the 13th Five Year Plan for energy

Jorrit Gosens, Tomas Kåberger, Yufei Wang
Energy Science and Engineering. Vol. 5 (3), p. 141-155
Journal article

Toward Technology-Sensitive Catching-Up Policies: Insights from Renewable Energy in China

Christian Binz, Jorrit Gosens, Teis Hansen et al
World Development. Vol. 96, p. 418-437
Journal article

Kina har tagit ledningen

Tomas Kåberger, Jorrit Gosens
Dagens industri (2016-04-18)
Magazine article

Biopower from direct firing of crop and forestry residues in China: A review of developments and investment outlook

Jorrit Gosens
Biomass and Bioenergy. Vol. 73, p. 110-123
Journal article

The role of transnational dimensions in emerging economy ‘Technological Innovation Systems’ for clean-tech

Jorrit Gosens, Yonglong Lu, Lars Coenen
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 86 (1), p. 378-388
Journal article


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