Josef Kubát

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Effect of Aging Time on a Glass Transition of Amouphous Polymers at Heating

J. Hadac, P. Riha, P. Slobodian et al
Chemicke Listy. Vol. 108, p. S59-S65
Journal article

Effect of cooling rate on enthalpy and volume relaxation of polystyrene

J Hadac, P Slobodian, P Riha et al
J Non-Crystalline Solids. Vol. 353, p. 2681-2691
Journal article

Effect of aging time on the volumetric and enthalpic glass transition of alpha-PMMA upon heating

P Riha, J Hadac, P Slobodian et al
Polymer. Vol. 48, p. 7356-7363
Journal article

Aging bulk modulus obtained from enthalpy and volume relaxations of a-PMMA and its blends with PEO

P Slobodian, Juliette Vernel, V Pelisek et al
Mech. Time-Depend. Mater.. Vol. 10, p. 1-15
Journal article

The relation between relaxed enthalpy and volume during physical aging of amorphous polymers and selenium

P Slobodian, P Ríha, Rodney Rychwalski et al
European Polymer Journal. Vol. 42, p. 2824-2837
Journal article

The clustering mechanism underlying a kinetic model related to Bose-Einstein statistics

Mikael Rigdahl, Pavel Riha, Rodney Rychwalski et al
Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials. Vol. 8 (2), p. 95-103
Journal article

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