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Real time indirect nanoplasmonic in situ spectroscopy of catalyst nanoparticle sintering

Elin Maria Kristina Larsson, Julien Millet, Stefan Gustafsson et al
ACS Catalysis. Vol. 2 (2), p. 238-245
Journal article

Operando catalyst sintering and activity measurements using indirect nanoplasmonic sensing

Elin Maria Kristina Larsson, Kristina Wettergren, Julien Millet et al
ISHHC XV, Berlin, Germany, September 11-16, 2011
Paper in proceeding

In-situ catalyst sintering studies using indirect nanoplasmonic sensing

Christoph Langhammer, Julien Millet, Igor Zoric et al
22st North American Catalysis Society Meeting (22th NAM), Detroit, USA, June 5-10, 2011
Paper in proceeding

Operando indirect nanoplasmonic spectroscopy of catalyst sintering and deactivation

Elin Maria Kristina Larsson, Kristina Wettergren, Julien Millet et al
International Symposium on Surface Science: Towards Nano- Bio- and Green Innovation, Tokyo, Japan, Dec 11-15, 2011
Paper in proceeding

Indirect Nanoplasmonic sensing in catalysis: sintering, reactant surface coverage changes and optical nanocalorimetry

Elin Maria Kristina Larsson, Christoph Langhammer, Julien Millet et al
ImagineNano, Bilbao, Spain, April 11-14, 2011
Paper in proceeding

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