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Near wall effects in the plug flow of pulp suspensions

Helena Fock, Julia Claesson, Anders Rasmuson et al
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Vol. 89 (5), p. 1207-1216
Journal article

CFD modeling of non-Newtonian fluid mixing accounting for transient changes in local solids concentration - application to an agitated pulp stock chest

Helena Fock, Anders Rasmuson, T. Wikstrom
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal. Vol. 25 (1), p. 56-64
Journal article

The flow of pulp suspensions

Helena Fock
Doctoral thesis

Ultrasound velocity profile (UVP) measurements of pulp suspension flow near the wall.

Helena Fock, J. Wiklund, Anders Rasmuson
Journal of Pulp and Paper Science. Vol. 35 (1), p. 26-33
Journal article

Near wall studies of pulp suspension flow using PIV

Helena Fock, Anders Rasmuson
Nordic Pulp&Paper Res. J.. Vol. 23, p. 120-125
Journal article

Near Wall Studies of Pulp Suspension Flow

Helena Fock
Licentiate thesis

New wood fiber-based products through alteration of kraft pulp characteristics

Margareta Söderqvist-Lindblad, Johannes Bogren, Harald Brelid et al
Workshop on Chemical Pulping Processes, November 14-15
Conference contribution

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