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In situ studies of supported platinum catalysts for environmental applications -Mechanistic consequences of periodic operation for catalytic oxidation of CO and methane

Magnus Skoglundh, Elin Becker, Lisa Kylhammar et al
Presented at the Swedish-German Workshop on In situ X-ray Techniques, Rosersberg Castle, Sweden, October 6-7 2011
Paper in proceedings

Virtual control for high conversion of methane over supported Pt

Per-Anders Carlsson, Michael Nordström, Magnus Skoglundh
Topics in Catalysis. Vol. 52 (13-20), p. 1962-1966
Journal article

Methane oxidation over supported platinum – mechanistic consequences of periodic operation

Per-Anders Carlsson, Elin Becker, Michael Nordström et al
Proceedings of the 8th International Congress on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control (CAPoC8), Brussels, Belgium, April 15-17, 2009
Paper in proceedings

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