Frida Iselau

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Parameters influencing hydrophobization of paper by surface sizing

Frida Iselau, Kerstin Malmborg-Nyström, Krister Holmberg et al
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal. Vol. 33 (1), p. 95-104
Journal article

Surface Treatment by Hydrophobic Particles: Influence of Starch and Ionic Strength

Frida Iselau, Krister Holmberg, Romain Bordes
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Vol. 5 (7), p. 6107-6115
Journal article

Towards a mechanism for surface hydrophobization of paper

Frida Iselau, Krister Holmberg, Romain Bordes
Paper Conference and Trade Show, PaperCon 2017: Renew, Rethink, Redefine the Future. Vol. 1, p. 131-139
Paper in proceeding

Formation and relaxation kinetics of starch-particle complexes

Frida Iselau, Tuan Phan Xuan, G. Trefalt et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 12 (47), p. 9509-9519
Journal article

Competitive adsorption of amylopectin and amylose on cationic nanoparticles: a study on the aggregation mechanism

Frida Iselau, Tuan Phan Xuan, Aleksandar Matic et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 12 (14), p. 3388-3397
Journal article

Role of the aggregation behavior of hydrophobic particles in paper surface hydrophobation

Frida Iselau, P. Restorp, Mats Andersson et al
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. Vol. 483, p. 264-270
Journal article

Influence of Different Polymer Types on the Overall Release Mechanism in Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets

A. Körner, Lennart Piculell, Frida Iselau et al
Molecules. Vol. 14 (8), p. 2699-2716
Journal article

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