Kailun Sun

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The spatial distribution and frequency of street, plot and building types across five European cities

Meta Berghauser Pont, Ioanna Stavroulaki, Evgeniya Bobkova et al
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design. Vol. 46 (7), p. 1226-1242
Journal article

Methodology and results of an international observational study on pedestrian movement tracking anonymised Wi-Fi signals from mobile phones

Ioanna Stavroulaki, Meta Berghauser Pont, Lars Marcus et al
Other conference contribution

Quantitative comparison of the distribution of densities in three Swedish cities

Meta Berghauser Pont, Ioanna Stavroulaki, Kailun Sun et al
Proceedings ISUF 2017 XXIV international conference: City and territory in the globalization age
Paper in proceeding

Squares for co-presence: The influence of urban form on the intensity and diversity of people co-present in 12 squares in Gothenburg

Kailun Sun, Meta Berghauser Pont, Ann Legeby
11th International Space Syntax Symposium, SSS 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, 3-7 July 2017, p. 115.1-115.20
Paper in proceeding

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Spatial Morphology Lab _ SMoL. International laboratory for comparative research in urban form

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Evgeniya Bobkova Urban Design and Planning
Jorge Gil Urban Design and Planning
Jesper Olsson Urban Design and Planning
Ioanna Stavroulaki Urban Design and Planning
Kailun Sun Urban Design and Planning
Ehsan Abshirini Urban Design and Planning
Lars Marcus Urban Design and Planning

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