Nima Sanandaji

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Comparison of oligonucleotide mirgation in a bicontinuous cubic phase of monoolein and water and in a fibrous agarose hydrogel

Nima Sanandaji, Nils Carlsson, Marina Voinova et al
Electrophoresis. Vol. 27 (15), p. 3007-3017
Journal article

Bicontinuous cubic phase of monoolein and water as medium for electrophoresis of both membrane-bound probes and DNA

Nils Carlsson, Nima Sanandaji, Marina Voinova et al
Langmuir. Vol. 22 (9), p. 4408-4414
Journal article

Continuous fermentation of undetoxified dilute acid lignocellulose hydrolysate with Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC 96581 using cell recirculation

Tomas Brandberg, Nima Sanandaji, Lena Gustafsson et al
Biotechnology Progress. Vol. 21, p. 1093-1101
Journal article

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