Kristina Lind

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Real-time immuno-PCR

Kristina Lind, Mikael Kubista
Real-time PCR, p. 205-210
Book chapter

The real-time polymerase chain reaction

Mikael Kubista, JM Andrade, A Forootan et al
Mol Asp Med. Vol. 27, p. 95-125
Journal article

Combining sequence-specific probes and DNA binding dyes in real-time PCR for specific nucleic acid quantification and melting curve analysis

Kristina Lind, Anders Ståhlberg, Neven Zoric et al
Biotechniques. Vol. 40 (3), p. 315-319
Journal article

Development and evaluation of three real-time immuno-PCR assemblages for quantification of PSA

Kristina Lind, Mikael Kubista
Journal of Immunological Methods. Vol. 304, p. 107-116
Journal article

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