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Optimized in vitro and in vivo expression of proteorhodopsin: A seven-transmembrane proton pump

Pontus Emanuel Gourdon, Anna Alfredsson, Anders Pedersen et al
Protein Expression and Purification. Vol. 58 (1), p. 103-113
Journal article

Light stimulates growth of proteorhodopsin-containing marine Flavobacteria

Laura Gomez-Consarna, ,Jose M. Gonzalez, Montserrat Coll-Llado et al
Nature. Vol. 445 (7124), p. 210-213
Journal article

Crystal Structure of AcrB in Complex with a Single Transmembrane Subunit Reveals Another Twist.

Susanna Törnroth-Horsefield, Pontus Emanuel Gourdon, Rob Horsefield et al
Structure. Vol. 15 (12), p. 1663-73
Journal article

Picosecond calorimetry: time-resolved x-ray diffraction studies of liquid CH2Cl2

P Georgiou, J Vincent, Magnus Andersson et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 124 (23), p. 234507-
Journal article

Conformational regulation of charge recombination reactions in a photosynthetic bacterial reaction center

G Katona, Arjan Snijder, Pontus Emanuel Gourdon et al
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Vol. 12 (7), p. 630-631
Journal article

Functional split and crosslinking of the membrane domain of the beta subunit of proton-translocating transhydrogenase from Escherichia coli

M. Althage, J Karlsson, Pontus Emanuel Gourdon et al
Biochemistry. Vol. 42 (37), p. 10998-11003
Journal article

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