Bernd Ketzler

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Digital Twins for Cities: A State of the Art Review

Bernd Ketzler, Vasilis Naserentin, Fabio Latino et al
Built Environment. Vol. 46 (4), p. 547-573
Journal article

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Digital Twin Cities Centre

Sanjay Somanath Building Technology
Fredrik Nilsson Architecture and Civil Engineering
Fredrik Edelvik Digital Twin Cities Centre
Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Alexander Hollberg Building Technology
Liane Thuvander Architectural theory and methods
Meta Berghauser Pont Urban Design and Planning
Graham Kemp Data Science
Vasilis Naserentin Digital Twin Cities Centre
Anders Logg Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Johan Felix Digital Twin Cities Centre
Jorge Gil Urban Design and Planning
Bernd Ketzler Digital Twin Cities Centre
Christian Koch Construction Management
Jonas Runberger Architectural theory and methods


Collaborative Augmented Reality for increased efficiency and interactivity of infrastructure maintenance and inspection

Rasmus Rempling Structural Engineering
Fabio Latino Urban Design and Planning
Vasilis Naserentin Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Bernd Ketzler Architectural theory and methods
Anders Logg Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Ignasi Fernandez Structural Engineering
Carlos Gil Berrocal Structural Engineering

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