Katarina Gustafsson

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PHITS simulations of the Matroshka experiment

Katarina Gustafsson, Lembit Sihver, C. Zeitlin et al
Advances in Space Research. Vol. 46 (10), p. 1266-1272
Journal article

An update about recent developments of the PHITS code

Lembit Sihver, T. Sato, Katarina Gustafsson et al
Advances in Space Research. Vol. 45 (7), p. 892-899
Journal article

Simulations of th MTR-R and MTR Experiments at ISS, and Shielding Properties using PHITS

Lembit Sihver, T. Sato, Katarina Gustafsson et al
IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings
Paper in proceeding

Simulations of the Radiation Environment at ISS Altitudes

Katarina Gustafsson, Lembit Sihver, Davide Mancusi et al
Acta Astronautica. Vol. 65, p. 279-288
Journal article

PHITS - benchmark of partial charge-changing cross sections for intermediate-mass systems

Davide Mancusi, Lembit Sihver, Katarina Gustafsson et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. Vol. 254 (1), p. 30-38
Journal article

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