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The Sonogashira reaction catalyzed by palladium leached from ordered mesoporous carbon

PAUL HANDA, Kjell Wikander, Krister Holmberg
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. Vol. 117, p. 126-135
Journal article

Evaluation of TiO2 as catalyst support in Pt-TiO2/C composite cathodes for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Sophie von Kraemer, Kjell Wikander, Göran Lindbergh et al
Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 180 (1), p. 185-190
Journal article

On the influence of Pt particle size on the PEMFC cathode performance

Kjell Wikander, Henrik Ekström, Anders Palmqvist et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 52 (24), p. 6848-6855
Journal article

Incorporation of platinum nanoparticles in ordered mesoporous carbon

Kjell Wikander, Ana Hungria, Paul Midgley et al
J Colloid Interface Sci. Vol. 305, p. 204-208
Journal article

Alternative catalysts and carbon support materials for PEMFC

Kjell Wikander, Anders Palmqvist, Krister Holmberg et al
Fuel Cells. Vol. 6, p. 21-25
Journal article

Use of lignin as a calcium carbonate scaling inhibitor

Kjell Wikander, Per Kjellin, Krister Holmberg
Nord. Pulp Paper Res. J.. Vol. 21, p. 286-291
Journal article

Size control and growth process of alkylamine-stabilized platinum nanocrystals: A comparison between the phase transfer and reverse micelles methods

Kjell Wikander, Christophe Petit, Krister Holmberg et al
Langmuir. Vol. 22, p. 4863-4868
Journal article

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