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Construction and operation of a light-driven gold nanorod rotary motor system

Daniel Andrén, Pawel Karpinski, Mikael Käll
Journal of Visualized Experiments. Vol. 2018 (136)
Journal article

Anapole-Enhanced Intrinsic Raman Scattering from Silicon Nanodisks

Denis Baranov, Ruggero Verre, Pawel Karpinski et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 5 (7), p. 2730-2736
Journal article

Counter-Propagating Optical Trapping of Resonant Nanoparticles Using a Uniaxial Crystal

Pawel Karpinski, Steven Jones, Daniel Andrén et al
Laser and Photonics Reviews. Vol. 12 (9)
Introductory text in journal

Photothermal Heating of Plasmonic Nanoantennas: Influence on Trapped Particle Dynamics and Colloid Distribution

Steven Jones, Daniel Andrén, Pawel Karpinski et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 5 (7), p. 2878-2887
Journal article

Metasurfaces and Colloidal Suspensions Composed of 3D Chiral Si Nanoresonators

Ruggero Verre, Lei Shao, Nils Odebo Länk et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 29 (29)
Journal article

Polarized Nonlinear Nanoscopy of Metal Nanostructures

N. K. Balla, C. Rendon-Barraza, L. M. Hoang et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 4 (2), p. 292-301
Journal article

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