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Participatory Planning Processes: Chances for New Knowledge in urban Politics?

P Moser, R Skogheim, Knut Strömberg
Production and Use of Urban Knowledge. European experiences, Springer Science & Business Dordrecht 2013. In Andersen, H., T., Atkinson, R., (Eds.), (2013), p. 81-102
Book chapter

On Dialogues and Municipal Learning in City Building: Examples from Waterfront Development in Gothenburg

Joakim Forsemalm, Knut Strömberg
Waterfront Regeneration Experiences City-building / Edited by Harry Smith & Maria Soledad Garcia Ferrari
Book chapter

Urban design and development in the Swedish tradition

Knut Strömberg
New urbanism and beyond. Designing cities for the future, Tigran Haas (ed.), Rizzoli New York 2008
Book chapter

Hur lär en kommun av andra?

Joakim Forsemalm, Knut Strömberg
PLAN. Vol. 2007 (2)
Magazine article

Communicative Learning, Democracy and Effectiveness: Facilitating Private-Public Decision-Making in Sweden

Knut Strömberg, Jaan-Henrik Kain
Planning Under Pressure: The Strategic Choice Approach (third edition) / edited by John Friend, Allen Hickling
Book chapter

Stadens hållbara utveckling och urbana strukturer: En syntes av ett forskningsprogram

Björn Malbert, Lisbeth Birgersson, Lena Falkheden et al

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