Lilian de Martín

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Size Distribution of Fiuidized Nanoparticle Agglomeratesfrom Agglomeration and Fragmentation: A Population Balance Study

Lilian de Martín, F. Grillo, K. Chidambaram et al
Fluidization XVI, p. 423-424
Paper in proceeding

Agglomerate breakage and adhesion upon impact with complex-shaped particles

Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Lilian de Martín, Anders Rasmuson
AICHE Journal. Vol. 65 (6)
Journal article

Influence of particle dynamics on the instability for pattern formation in shallow pulsed beds

Lilian de Martín
Physical Review Fluids. Vol. 3 (12)
Journal article

The influence of particle interfacial energies and mixing energy on the mixture quality of the dry-coating process

Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Lilian de Martín, K. Thalberg et al
Powder Technology. Vol. 338, p. 313-324
Journal article

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