Henrik Borgström

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Variation of Tensile Properties of High Silicon Ductile Iron

Peter Hammersberg, Kenneth Hamberg, Henrik Borgström et al
Materials Science Forum. Vol. 925 MSF, p. 280-287
Paper in proceeding

Modelling the Variation of Tensile Properties of High-Silicon Ductile Iron

Peter Hammersberg, Kenneth Hamberg, Henrik Borgström et al
2018 AFS Transactions, American Foundry Society. Vol. 126, p. 155-164
Paper in proceeding

Visualizing shear bands in 3-D using axisymmetric sample: An experimental study

Henrik Borgström, N. A. Rawashdeh, Lars Nyborg
Journal of King Saud University, Engineering Sciences. Vol. 29 (3), p. 264-268
Journal article

Influence of the Steel Powder Type and Processing Parameters on the Debinding of PM Compacts with Gelatin Binder

Eduard Hryha, Henrik Borgström, Karin Sterky et al
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Vol. 118 (2), p. 695-704
Journal article

TEM study of carbide precipitation in low alloyed austempered ductile iron

Yiming Yao, Kenneth Hamberg, Henrik Borgström et al
MC 2011 Kiel Microscopy Conference, Kiel, Germany 28 August – 02 September 2011
Conference poster

Optimising grey iron powder compacts

Henrik Borgström, Lars Nyborg, Walid Khraisat et al
Powder Metallurgy. Vol. 52 (4), p. 291-297
Journal article

Development and manufacture of brazed sintered part for wear resistant application

Lars Nyborg, Henrik Borgström, Peter Sotkovszki et al
European International Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition, Euro PM 2009; Copenhagen; Denmark; 12 October 2009 through 14 October 2009. Vol. 1
Paper in proceeding

Tailoring the surface microstructure of starch consolidated vanadium-rich high speed steel powder

Henrik Borgström, P. Harlin, Lars Nyborg
European International Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition, Euro PM 2008; Mannheim; Germany; 29 September 2008 through 1 October 2008. Vol. 3, p. 289-294
Paper in proceeding

Liquid Phase Sintering of Ferrous Powder Metallurgical Materials

Henrik Borgström, Lars Nyborg
Journal of Iron and Steel Research International. Vol. 14 (1), p. 70-76
Journal article

Possibilities and constraints of implementing starch consolidated high speed steel in prototyping

Henrik Borgström, P. Harlin, M. Olsson et al
Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing. Vol. 475 (1-2), p. 34-38
Paper in proceeding

Effect of Vacuum Annealing and Nitrogen alloying on Gas Atomised M4 High Speed Steel Powder

Henrik Borgström, Lars Nyborg
Powder Metallurgy. Vol. 49 (1)
Journal article

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