Magnus Bengtsson

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Handling environmental values in product assessments: voices from practice

Magnus Bengtsson, Anne-Marie Tillman
Progress in Industrial Ecology. Vol. 2 (2), p. 200-222
Journal article

Actors and interpretations in an environmental controversy: the Swedish debate on sewage sludge use in agriculture

Magnus Bengtsson, Anne-Marie Tillman
Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Vol. 42 (1), p. 65-82
Journal article

Environmental Valuation and Life Cycle Assessment

Magnus Bengtsson
Licentiate thesis

Life Cycle Assessment of Wastewater Systems - Influence of System Boundaries and Scale on Calculated Environmental Loads

Margareta Lundin, Magnus Bengtsson, Sverker Molander
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 34, p. 180-186
Journal article

A relational database for use with risk analysis and GIS-applications

Bengt Steen, Sverker Molander, Raul Carlson et al
Presentation at the international RISK 97 conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 21-24, 1997
Other conference contribution

ISO 9001 and Small Companies: a vehicle for growth and maturation

Sverker Alänge, Magnus Bengtsson
CIM-Working Papers (WP 1993:09), p. 21-
Magazine article

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