Magnus Marmgren

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Naturalizing sustainability in product development: A comparative analysis of IKEA and SCA

Sverker Alänge, Gunilla Clancy, Magnus Marmgren
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 135, p. 1009-1022
Journal article

Interactions between Ideas and Behaviour in Organizations

Magnus Marmgren, Sverker Alänge, Stefan Book
Quality Innovation Prosperity. Vol. 20 (2), p. 185-207
Journal article

Sustainable governance – setting direction and inspiring change in a city development corporation

Stefan Book, Magnus Marmgren, Björn Gustafsson
18th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation, Köpenhamn, Denmark, 3th – 4th November 2014 (2014)
Paper in proceedings

Management Systems’ Influence on Sustainable Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Two Large MNCs

Magnus Marmgren, Gunilla Clancy, Sverker Alänge
18th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation, Epsom, UK, 4th – 5th November 2013
Paper in proceedings

Understanding Management Systems: a test of a conceptual framework

Magnus Marmgren, Sverker Alänge, Stefan Book
15th International QMOD Conference, 6-9 September, Poznan, Poland, p. 1-15
Paper in proceedings

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