Saara Matala

Assistant Professor at Science, Technology and Society

Saara is Assistant Professor at the Division of Science, Technology and Society, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.

Saara Matala is historian of industrialisation interested in the interaction between technology, economy, and politics over time. She has specialised in the history of modern maritime industries during the Cold War. Her first book, A History of Cold War Industrialisation – Finnish Shipbuilding between East and West (2021), examines how the global geopolitical conflict shaped technological development in a neutral country and civilian industry. The book increases our understanding of the long-term, often unexpected, consequences of economic sanctions and political alliances in industrial development. Her other research interests include Arctic maritime technology, winter navigation, mobile platform security, and oil capitalism.

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Book Review: Warship Builders: An Industrial History of US Naval Shipbuilding, 1922–1945 by Thomas Heinrich

Saara Matala
International Journal of Maritime History. Vol. In Press
Other text in scientific journal

Finnish icebreaker diplomacy in the cold war: Ships of security, prestige, and welfare

Saara Matala
Technological Innovation, Globalization and the Cold War: A Transnational History, p. 116-133
Book chapter

Icebreakers and Arctic ice melt Reply

Saara Matala
Physics Today. Vol. 74 (4), p. 11-12
Other text in scientific journal

Of a titan, winds and power: Transnational development of the icebreaker, 1890-1954

Aaro Sahari, Saara Matala
International Journal of Maritime History. Vol. 33 (4), p. 722-747
Journal article

Finnish–Soviet nuclear icebreakers

Saara Matala
Physics Today. Vol. 73 (9), p. 38-
Magazine article

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