Matej Hus

Doktor at Chemical Physics

Matej Huš is studying ethylene epoxidation on different silver catalysts, promotor effects of various dopants and influence of hot electrons. By connecting DFT methods, microkinetics and KMC simulations coupled into a bottom-up multiscale approach, novel insights into the mechanism of action of different catalysts are sought. In his research career, he has worked on several important topics in heterogeneous catalysis, mostly carbon dioxide hydrogenation and biomass valorization, as well as conversion of atmospheric pollutants and coarse-grained water models.

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Catalytic Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol: Synergistic Effect of Bifunctional Cu/Perovskite Catalysts

Matej Hus, Drejc Kopač, B. Likozar
ACS Catalysis. Vol. 9 (1), p. 105-116
Journal article

Mechanism, ab initio calculations and microkinetics of straight-chain alcohol, ether, ester, aldehyde and carboxylic acid hydrodeoxygenation over Ni-Mo catalyst

Brigita Hočevar, M. Grilc, Matej Hus et al
Chemical Engineering Journal. Vol. 359, p. 1339-1351
Journal article

Multiscale modelling from quantum level to reactor scale: An example of ethylene epoxidation on silver catalysts

Matej Hus, M. Grilc, Andraž Pavlišič et al
Catalysis Today. Vol. 338, p. 128-140
Journal article

Dipole effect on ethylene epoxidation: Influence of alkali metals and chlorine

Matej Hus, Anders Hellman
Journal of Catalysis. Vol. 363, p. 18-25
Journal article

Underappreciated and Complex Role of Nitrous Acid in Aromatic Nitration under Mild Environmental Conditions: The Case of Activated Methoxyphenols

Ana Kroflič, Matej Hus, M. Grilc et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 52 (23), p. 13756-13765
Journal article

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