Gavin McCrory

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Sustainability-oriented labs in transitions: An empirically grounded typology

Gavin McCrory, Johan Holmén, Niko Alexander Schäpke et al
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. Vol. 43, p. 99-117
Journal article

Learning to Frame Complex Sustainability Challenges in Place: Explorations Into a Transdisciplinary “Challenge Lab” Curriculum

Gavin McCrory, Johan Holmén, John Holmberg et al
Frontiers in Sustainability. Vol. 2
Journal article

Sustainability-oriented labs in real-world contexts: An exploratory review

Gavin McCrory, Niko Alexander Schäpke, Johan Holmén et al
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 277, p. 1-18
Review article

Healthy diets and sustainable food systems

Rasmus Einarsson, Gavin McCrory, Martin Persson
The Lancet. Vol. 394 (10194), p. 215-215
Other text in scientific journal

Governing sustainability transitions: contrasting experimental arenas through the lens of Agenda 2030

Gavin McCrory, Niko Alexander Schäpke, Johan Larsson et al
Other conference contribution

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