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Hopping versus Tunneling Mechanism for Long-Range Electron Transfer in Porphyrin Oligomer Bridged Donor-Acceptor Systems

Melina Gilbert Gatty, Axel Kahnt, L. J. Esdaile et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 119 (24), p. 7598-7611
Journal article

Steady-state and time-resolved Thioflavin-T fluorescence can report on morphological differences in amyloid fibrils formed by A beta(1-40) and A beta(1-42)

David Lindberg, Moa Sandberg Wranne, Melina Gilbert Gatty et al
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Vol. 458 (2), p. 418-423
Journal article

Photoinduced charge and energy transfer in molecular wires

Melina Gilbert Gatty, Bo Albinsson
Chemical Society Reviews. Vol. 44 (4), p. 845-862
Journal article

Conjugated anthracene dendrimers with monomer-like fluorescence

Karl Börjesson, Melina Gilbert Gatty, Damir Dzebo et al
RSC Advances. Vol. 4 (38), p. 19846-19850
Journal article

Opportunities in nanometer sized Si wires for PV applications

J. K. Mann, R. Kurstjens, G. Pourtois et al
Progress in Materials Science. Vol. 58 (8), p. 1361-1387
Journal article

Conformational Gating of Charge Separation in Porphyrin Oligomer-Fullerene Systems

Melina Gilbert Gatty, L. J. Esdaile, M. Hutin et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 117 (50), p. 26482-26492
Journal article

Self-Assembly of Linear Porphyrin Oligomers into Well-Defined Aggregates

Joakim Kärnbratt, Melina Gilbert Gatty, Johannes K. Sprafke et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 116 (37), p. 19630-19635
Magazine article

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