Erik Nilsson

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Electrically conductive polymeric bi-component fibers containing a high load of low-structured carbon black

Erik Nilsson, Mikael Rigdahl, Bengt Hagström
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 132 (29), p. art. no. 42255-
Journal article

Melt spun electrical conductive textile fibers with high carbon particles loading

Erik Nilsson, Bengt Hagström
Proc Nordic Polymer Days 2014, p. 122-123
Conference poster

Energy harvesting from piezoelectric textile fibres

Erik Nilsson, L Mateu, P Spies et al
Procedia Engineering. Vol. 87, p. 1569-1572
Paper in proceeding

Melt spinning of conductive textile fibers with hybridized graphite nanoplatelets and carbon black filler

Erik Nilsson, Henrik Oxfall, W. Wandelt et al
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 130 (4), p. 2579-2587
Journal article

Poling and characterization of piezoelectric polymer fibers for use in textile sensor

Erik Nilsson, Bengt Hagström, Anja Lund et al
Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical. Vol. 201, p. 477-486
Journal article

Melt spinning of PVDF fibers with enhanced beta phase structure

Guo Zengwei, Erik Nilsson, Mikael Rigdahl et al
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 130 (4), p. 2603-2609
Journal article

Electrically conductive textile fibres with hybridized graphite nanoplatelets and carbon balack fillers

Erik Nilsson, Henrik Oxfall, W Wandelt et al
Proc Nordic Polymer Days 2012, Copenhagen, p. 1.7-
Paper in proceeding

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