Michael Stührenberg

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Self-Hybridized Exciton-Polaritons in Multilayers of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Efficient Light Absorption

Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov, Michael Stührenberg et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 6 (1), p. 139-147
Journal article

Phase control of plasmon enhanced two-photon photoluminescence in resonant gold nanoantennas

Vikas Remesh, Michael Stührenberg, Lisa Saemisch et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 113 (21)
Journal article

Strong Light-Matter Coupling between Plasmons in Individual Gold Bi-pyramids and Excitons in Mono- and Multilayer WSe2

Michael Stührenberg, Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 18 (9), p. 5938-5945
Journal article

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Female Investigators in Nonlinear Optical Nanoscopy - FINON (FINON)

Pernilla Wittung Stafshede Chemical Biology
Alexandra Paul Molecular Imaging
Michael Stuhrenberg Molecular Imaging
European Commission (EC)

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