Mikael Ögren

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Utmaning med lågfrekvent buller inomhus vid stadsförtätning

Jens Forssén, Carmen Rosas Perez, Georgios Zachos et al
Bygg & teknik. Vol. 3
Magazine article

Low-frequency outdoor-indoor noise level difference for wind turbine assessment

Pontus Thorsson, Kerstin Persson Waye, Michael Smith et al
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Vol. 143 (3), p. EL206-EL211
Journal article

Wind Turbine Noise and Sleep: Pilot Studies on the Influence of Noise Characteristics

Julia Ageborg Morsing, Michael Smith, Mikael Ögren et al
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Vol. 15 (11)
Journal article

Residential vibration exposure from railway traffic in Sweden

Matilda Arnesson, Alf Ekblad, Mikael Ögren
Proceedings of the INTER-NOISE 2016 - 45th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering: Towards a Quieter Future, p. 2131-2137
Paper in proceeding

Comparative studies on railway and road traffic noise annoyances and the importance of number of trains

Anita Gidlöf-Gunnarsson, Evy Öhrström, Mikael Ögren et al
11th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem (ICBEN), 24-28 July, 2011, London, UK
Paper in proceeding

Macroscopic modeling of urban traffic noise influence of absorption and vehicle flow distribution

Pontus Thorsson, Mikael Ögren
Applied Acoustics. Vol. 66 (2), p. 195-209
Journal article

The failure of traditional traffic noise control for quiet areas

Wolfgang Kropp, Jens Forssén, Mikael Ögren et al
Other conference contribution

Modelling of a city canyon problem in a turbulent atmosphere using an equivalent sources approach

Mikael Ögren, Jens Forssén
Applied Acoustics. Vol. 65 (6), p. 629-642
Journal article

Thick barrier noise-reduction in the presence of atmospheric turbulence: Measurements and numerical modelling

Jens Forssén, Mikael Ögren
Applied Acoustics. Vol. 63 (2), p. 173-187
Journal article

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