Mohammadreza Tamadondar

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Design

Synthesis of particles with tailored properties and modified surfaces has reached the forefront of researches in particulate systems. Among all the techniques to do so, dry coating of coarse particle with fine cohesive ones seems to be an industrially viable option. To deepen the fundamental understanding of dry coating process, I began my research as a PhD candidate in 2015. Both DEM simulation and experimental studies is used to attain this goal. The project collaborates with a R&D team at AstraZeneca, wherein the knowledge is needed to optimize the formulation of dry powder inhaler (DPI).


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Agglomerate breakage and adhesion upon impact with complex-shaped particles

Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Lilian de Martín, Anders Rasmuson
AICHE Journal
Journal article

The influence of particle interfacial energies and mixing energy on the mixture quality of the dry-coating process

Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Lilian de Martín, K. Thalberg et al
Powder Technology. Vol. 338, p. 313-324
Journal article

Numerical modeling of adhesive particle mixing

Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Anders Rasmuson, K. Thalberg et al
AICHE Journal. Vol. 63 (7), p. 2599-2609
Journal article

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